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Bovans Brown

The Bovans Brown is as tough as a tank. Robust and stress-resistant, it's the bird with the bombproof temperament, good appetite and very suitable for cage and floor systems. Bovans Brown gives you high egg numbers with good quality eggs. (what else would you expect?) So, if you haven't already tried the Bovans Brown, there's only one question: what's stopping you?

ISA Brown

The layer of reference for more than 20 years everywhere in the world. Isabrown adapts herself to all climates and fields, offering an unmatched compromise 'high performances / versatility' . Those who really check their bottom line largely trust on ISA Brown.

Bovans Black

The Bovans Black is one of the most robust birds money can buy. Its docile temperament enables it to handle difficult conditions without stress. But don't mistake it for a plodder! It can still produce 342 eggs by 80 weeks. And weighing in at a meaty 2.15 kg, it's also the ideal dual-purpose bird. So if you're looking for productivity in challenging conditions, Bovans Black is the name you should never forget.

Dekalb Amberlink

The Dekalb Amberlink is a docile, feathersexable brown egg layer, which produce good quality brown eggs. The Dekalb Amberlink is a bird that is very robust and shows good liveability. Also the bird has until the end of the laying period good feather coverage and a high bodyweight at the end of the production cycle.